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Miniature Treasures: A one-time exhibition that presents Earth’s natural beauty in the form of its smallest, most perfect crystals.

This mock exhibition will display a collection of connoisseur thumbnail/miniature specimens from contemporary collectors from around the globe.



ATF Alternate Gothic
Adobe Garamond Pro



0%, 0%, 0%, 100%


0%, 23%, 86%, 6%


0%, 61%, 54%, 6%


76%, 0%, 15%, 28%

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The exhibition brochure begins with an introduction to the Mines Museum of Earth Sciences, which is managed by the Colorado School of Mines. This museum was founded in 1894, and continues to be a hallmark of geological discovery west of the Rocky Mountains.

The brochure includes educational spreads, detailing the characteristics of mineral specimens, and the criteria they must meet in order to be considered top-quality pieces, which are very important when it comes to the thumbnail and miniature size classes, which the exhibition is featuring.

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The signage of the exhibition plays with the hierarchy and scale of the typography, with the images (either close-up, or life-sized) of some of the minerals being exhibited in the museum.

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Also designed is the website that directs viewers to the new exhibition, and gives some details on how to get there, and what to expect. The same criteria in the brochure are visualized on the educational subpage of the exhibition's website.

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