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The modern home garden (cut grass lawns, foreign flowers and plants, and overuse of fertilizers) is detrimental to the natural landscapes of areas that used to have flourishing native flora and insects. Native pol- linators in regional areas have less options, and the fertilizers/pesti- cides used to help non-native plants grow create runoff and pollute the environment. Foreign plants also take more effort to grow, and run the risk of introducing invasive species into the region.

Connatural aims to change the mindset of homeowners by filling their gardens with plants and flowers that actually belong in the area that they live in. These native plants will grow better, and will support the local wildlife and pollinators. The subscription box model means that the customer will receive seeds that are perfect for planting in the month that they are sent in, and provides a steady stream of seeds to help grow their garden.



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Connatural is a subscription box program. On the website, the custom- er selects their region, frequency for receiving the boxes, and their preferences for what kind of plants they want (pollinator-friendly, hardy, flowering, greenery, etc). Then every month (or at whichever interval they choose) the customer will receive a box with a small in- formation card that explains what the plant is, and how to care for it.

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