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Current status: Commissions CLOSED

Anticipated date for re-opening commissions: late November, 2021
You may still inquire to be put on a waitlist for when commissions re-open.

General Rules​

  • I reserve the right to decline to do business with anyone.  

  • When I create a painting, I am allowed to use it as an example, promotion, or as a part of my portfolio, and I am allowed to post it on any social media.

  • I will always sign a painting on the back.  Please let me know if you want an additional signature on the front of the painting.

  • I may consider (super cool) specimens as a form of payment for a painting; just ask!

  • You may ask for an update and WIP photo at any time.


1. Email me for a commission inquiry, or message me on Facebook or Instagram. Then, we can discuss the size of your painting and the medium (watercolor or oil).

2. Once we have come to an agreement on size and medium, please send a good-quality photo of your specimen, and ensure that it accurately portrays the form and color. 

3.  I will send you a PayPal invoice within a day.  I will start on the commission once the invoice is paid.​

4. Once the commission is complete, I will send the following:

     - A high-quality scanned/photographed image of your painting.

     - The painting itself, which can be shipped rolled or flat.


Commissions, depending on complexity, will take two weeks and up to several weeks/a month (most paintings will take this long.)

Payment and Refunds


  • Prices are in U.S. Dollars ($).

  • Paintings will run at around $5-$6 per square inch, but this rate will vary depending on the complexity of the specimen.  A specific quote will be given during discussion.

  • Shipping costs will depend on the size/medium of the painting, but is usually $9.

  • For first-time customers, at least half of the payment must be upfront. The other half may be paid before shipping.

  • Absolutely no refunds once the WIP sketch has been sent and received, except in a dire circumstance.  Please do not request a commission unless you can pay.




All painting dimensions will be standard frame sizes.​  When selecting a painting size, please choose from the following:








Commissions will be paid via invoice, which I will send to the client.

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